Sunday, 14 March 2010

Everything in it's right place.

In a couple of weeks time (the Easter weekend to be as precise as I can be), a good friend is getting wed. The wedding means that Johan is coming to visit. Johan used to play bass in Doktor Mandrake, the band me and Paul used to be in.

In unrelated news, the same weekend Loz from Little Forty (the band that Ari and Gemma used to be (and still are (I like brackets in brackets)) in) is back from where he goes.

These two happenings mean that the former forms of the San Juan Boundary Dispute are all in the same city over the same weekend.

This in turn means that we will probably all end up having a night out together on Good Friday. The old gang and the other old gang back together as one big gang (as such).

So we will probably end up in the Victoria in Withington, at about 8ish.

We'll no doubt do an impromptu gig, at about 8ish ('til about midnight).

Doktor Mandrake, Little Forty and, if all goes to plan, a quite short debut performance from the San Juan Boundary Dispute.

It could prove be a very Good Friday...


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